Mattituck High School Class of 2022 celebrates graduation: Photos

The graduates of Mattituck High School’s Class of 2022 celebrated graduation Saturday morning inside the high school gymnasium.

Valedictorian Olivia Mannino and salutatorian Dimitra Pando both addressed the graduates.

Daniel Rosato delivered the invocation, speaking on behalf of the graduates. He spoke about how the class worked to rebuild traditions that had been put on hold during the pandemic and the challenges fellow graduates faced.

“It’s no secret though that despite the many joyous accomplishments, successes and the many memories made, high school was not always a save haven and happy place for everyone,” he said. “Social pressures, academic challenges, athletic competition and extracurricular stress have the habit of getting the better of us. This morning, I would like to speak to everyone who resonates with this.”

Dimitra spoke about the perseverance the class faced with an “unexpected curveball” in March of their sophomore year in 2020 and the subsequent next two years.

“But we got through it,” she said. “We stuck together and become more resilient as a result. And here we are together, celebrating the fact that we did get through it.”

Olivia spoke about how her fellow graduates were all “incredibly caring people.”

“Across the past 13 years, I’ve seen each of you do something that has shown me you care about whether everyone is doing well. Not just yourself. Do you know how cool that is? I realize now I could not ask for better people to grow up with.”

See more photos below:

Photos by Bill Landon