Southold Blotter: Police help locate 80-year-old reported missing from Queens in East Marion

An Orient woman told police last Wednesday that a car followed her home from Greenport and pulled into her driveway. The woman’s husband confronted the driver, who seemed confused and stated that he was trying to find his wife, who was in the hospital. When the woman’s husband told the man police had been called, he drove away. An officer later located the car on Route 25 in East Marion. The driver was identified as an 80-year-old man from Queens Village who had been listed as a missing person by a New York City police precinct and who has memory issues. The man was transported to Southold police headquarters and his daughter was notified, who arranged for someone to pick him up.

• Police were notified last Wednesday that a man in a wheelchair was screaming for help outside a Greenport convenience store. The man told police he was homeless and needed a place to sleep that night. Maureen’s Haven, which offers support to homeless individuals, refused to take the man “because he had given them a problem two days ago,” according to a report. A sergeant gave the man $130 so he could get a motel for the night and he was transported by police to the Greenview Motel in Riverhead.

• A Cutchogue couple told police Nov. 11 that they believed they had been scammed after they rented a house in Florida through Craigslist and subsequently lost contact with the person they had rented from. The couple told police the $1,260 they sent as a deposit was stolen and they wanted the incident recorded.

• An Orient woman told police Nov. 15 that she received a phone call from someone who claimed to be her grandson “Josh.” He told her he had been in an accident in Connecticut and was arrested. The Orient woman then received a phone call from a “William Morgan,” who claimed to be Josh’s lawyer. He told the Orient woman to send him $15,000 for bail for her grandson. The woman, suspicious, called her grandson who told her he was fine and had not been arrested. No money was sent.

• On Nov. 15, a Laurel resident told police an unknown person entered her car and rummaged through the glove box and stole a metal cross hanging from the rearview mirror. The resident was told to lock all cars when not in use.

• A police report states that an intoxicated woman was “yelling and screaming” at the North Ferry terminal in Greenport on Nov. 15. When police arrived, the woman asked to be taken to a shelter, but none were available in the area. The woman then asked to be taken to the Greenview Motel in Riverhead and an officer drove her there.

• Police were called to the former St. Agnes school in Greenport last Wednesday to investigate a report of a man staying at Maureen’s Haven who was abusive to the staff. The man told police he was upset because after he woke up he could not locate his sneakers. The staff issued new shoes to the man. No further action was taken.

• On Sunday, a resident of Arrowhead Lane in Peconic reported an active structure fire nearby. Police and Southold Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire. While Suffolk County Police Arson Squad investigators were called to the scene, a police report says the cause was likely electrical.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.