Blotter: Machine gun fire on the water by Fishers Island

Last Wednesday, two Southold police officers were responding to their living quarters on Fishers Island when they said they heard machine gun fire coming from the area near the Fishers Island ferry and observed four boats pursuing another boat and the sound of machine gun fire and police sirens. An officer contacted police headquarters, which contacted the U.S. Coast Guard. Someone from the Coast Guard said that “the U.S. Navy was conducting gunnery training in the area.” Longtime island residents said they had never experienced a similar event.

• A Cutchogue man told police on May 6 that he was the victim of identity theft. The man said someone hacked into his email and gained access to his CoinBase cryptocurrency account and stole $5,824. He said he has contacted CoinBase to report the theft.

• A Garden City resident reported a possible real estate scam to police May 6. According to a police report, a real estate agent in Babylon was contacted by someone impersonating the Garden City woman’s husband about listing a property for sale in Southold. The real estate agent then contacted the Garden City woman’s husband and learned the couple never intended to sell the property. The Garden City couple said they have not suffered any financial loss.

• An Orient couple told police on May 6 that an unknown subject listed their property for sale on a real estate website. The couple contacted a real estate agent and asked that the listing be removed. An investigation is pending.

• On May 7, a manager with The Nature Conservancy told police of damage to a sign and boardwalk at Husing Pond Preserve in Laurel. The manager told police he believes kids were partying at the site due to the large amount of garbage left behind and graffiti written on the boardwalk. The manager asked for extra patrols of the area.

• An Orient man told police last Wednesday 8 that a vehicle passed another vehicle on Main Road in Orient with a flashing blue and red light. An officer found the car parked at the Cross Sound Ferry. A report states the driver “provided documentation that he is working for the FBI and that he was on official travel business.”

• Last Wednesday, an East Marion woman told police she was scammed out of $27,000 from her CoinBase account. She was told to contact her bank to inquire about the loss.

• A resident of Peconic Landing told police last Wednesday that she was scammed into transferring $27,796 to an account in Thailand. The resident was told by her bank that the transfer had gone through and would be difficult to recall.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.