Letters to the Editor: Be sure to stay engaged on Strong’s


Be sure to stay engaged on Strong’s

Thank you for your ongoing coverage of the proposed yacht storage development on Mattituck Inlet. 

It has been a complex, multi-year process since Strong’s first proposed building two massive yacht storage buildings on the edge of Mattituck Inlet. Most recently, as you reported, The Suffolk County Planning Commission voted to disapprove of the project. Next step is for the Southold Town Planning Board to render its final decision at a public meeting on Monday, July 8.

This has been a contentious and involved journey, but one in which the town Planning Board has meticulously followed the State Environmental Quality Review Act. We want to thank that board for running an open and fair-minded process, and we agree with the county commission’s disapproval of the project. Any new alternatives proposed by the developer will require additional environmental review.

Throughout, our community has shown that an active and engaged grass roots movement can be an important part of the process. We encourage the community to come to the meeting July 8 at 6 p.m. at Town Hall to witness the Planning Board issue its final determination.

Jeff Pundyk and Anne Sherwood Pundyk 


I’ll be there, will you?

After nearly four years as a member of Save Mattituck Inlet, it is gratifying to see how the public has remained engaged as the Southold Planning Board continued its transparent and meticulous application of the SEQRA process [to the current Strong’s Marine proposal]. It has been a tremendous lesson in how government works at the local level and I am grateful to the Planning Board for this fine — and rare — education.

I will be at the Southold Town Planning Board meeting on July 8 at 6 pm to witness the closing chapter in this significant project and urge the Mattituck community and everyone else to be there, too.

Hazel Kahan 

Wading River

What a send-off!

On June 23, I was on a bus at Stotzky Park with 50 or 60 other passengers, preparing to travel to the Bronx Zoo. As we inched our way out of the parking lot, we passed by the tennis courts, which were completely full of women playing paddleball. Much to our surprise and glee, all of the players stopped playing their games and stood waving goodbye to us with their hands and paddles. In case those ladies could not see us through tinted windows, I hope they can know that there were smiles on all our faces and we were vigorously waving back. Thank you for the unifying and happy send-off!

Clinton Terry 


Where’s the Anti-Bias Task Force?

Aside from arranging ethnic foodie meetings, it’s unclear what, if anything, Riverhead’s so-called Anti-Bias Task Force has done to address the nonsensical obstacles Riverhead officials have created for the charter school, which serves marginalized Black and brown children in pursuit of the American Dream.

While the town gave away parkland and pays for electricity for a skating rink for rich white kids, the Town Board’s refusal to even consider a site plan for the school and the threat to take action against its trailers needed to house students and staff smacks of racism. Shame on two-faced Hubbard and his cronies.

Ron Hariri 


Thank you! 

Mattituck High School would like to thank the entire North Fork community and all the groups and organizations who supported the class of 2024. Your generosity in providing scholarships and your enthusiastic participation in our events have significantly impacted their lives. 

Our Mattituck community has shown our graduates the power of a supportive network and the importance of giving back. Thank you for believing in our students and for being a vital part of their high school journey. We are truly fortunate for our kind, generous and caring North Fork community who helped make graduation 2024 a huge success.

Patrick Burke, principal 


They missed the boat 

No doubt about it. Uncle Joe Biden missed the boat completely at the June 27 debate with Donald Trump. And I blame his handlers. They didn’t serve him well.President Biden only needed to respond to the liar-in-chief’s statements with a single comment: “Everything you just said is false and untrue. You’re not under oath here to the American people. And that explains why you were unable to testify under oath at your own criminal trial and became a convicted felon.”

Michael Levy 


Debating the debate

Listening to the “debate” last Thursday, I am astounded by the liberal pundits’ and Biden supporters’ day-after statements. I saw what I saw and I heard what I heard. It wasn’t pretty!

Biden stumbled, mumbled and lost track of the question he was trying to answer almost all night. I can now understand why Special Counsel [Robert] Hur gave him a break by not indicting him for 40-plus years of mishandling and disclosing of highly classified information, a very serious criminal act.

As a member of the Navy Security Group, I handled top secret documents and information daily. Had I done what Biden did, I would have done a long time in Leavenworth. 

Americans are bewildered by the choice we have for president. It is what it is! However, I’ve seen enough of Biden’s lack of integrity, misguided policies and sheer disregard of his Constitutional limitations, in addition to the people he has appointed during his administration, to even considering voting for him. 

May God help us.

Bob Bittner  



Unfit, unhinged, uninformed, uncaring, unaccountable, unaware, unbalanced, unloving, un-American, unbelievable,unacceptable, unprepared, uncanny, uncivilized, uncouth. Yes, the former president is unequaled in his unfaithful, unfettered quest for power over our lives. The chaos, lies and shameful behavior makes him ineligible to be anywhere near the White House and nuclear codes.

I implore every citizen to listen to the word salad speeches, hate-filled diatribes and complete lack of empathy for anyone but himself. Sharks and electric batteries, prompters that are not satisfactory, weather that is too hot, soldiers who are called losers and suckers, infidelity to three wives, not able to quote one passage in his Bible-hawking, breaking of just about every commandment to a church he knows nothing about, thousands of verified lies, hundreds of lawsuits, unvarnished verified dirty tricks and the constant ridiculous mention of Hannibal Lecter, a fictitious evil character who is vilified by every virtuous human being who has a conscience, plus his obsession with well-known real Alcatraz resident Al Capone, a killer who finally gets caught for tax evasion. Sound familiar to his very own traits? 

When will my fellow citizens pay attention to this completely narcissistic character who wants to overthrow a kind, but elderly, wise and loving, and educated Joe Biden?

Elizabeth Weiss


Dueling dictators? 

In response to Mr. McKnight (June 13), it seems you are very mixed up. Aren’t you actually referring to Biden the “dictator”?

When Biden can’t get what he wants from Congress he just directs his bureaucracy to do it anyway. It seems we already have a dictator in the White House!

Did Trump ever ignore the Supreme Court’s decisions in the four years he was president? When the courts rule against Biden, he just does what he wants anyway — just like a dictator would do! 

Did Trump go after Hillary Clinton after he was elected? It seems that Biden is the one weaponizing the DOJ against his political opponent — just like a dictator! Apparently you choose to ignore that fact!

What exactly is wrong with securing our border to protect our citizens against invaders? Trump is promising to do that! 

Biden is giving away billions of dollars to foreign countries when our own people are struggling under high inflation due to uncontrolled government spending. These spending and giveaway programs are without the approval of Congress, I might add. Just like a dictator!

A dictator would mandate vaccines, he would shut down businesses and houses of worship, and he would force citizens to wear masks! Biden did that.

A dictator would call parents domestic terrorists who protested certain school board’s decisions. The Biden DOJ did that!

A state-run media would carry the water for a dictator. Oh, gee, that’s what the media is doing for Biden every day!

A dictator would intentionally divide the country by race and by political affiliation. A dictator would make “MAGA” be a dirty word. Trump believes in this country. His administration did “Make America Great Again.”

The Biden regime, and its minions, lie every day about how our democracy is going to die if Trump gets in. It’s so ironic that everything that the Democrats say about Trump and MAGA people is exactly what they are guilty of doing themselves! They are the ones killing our democracy.

Trump was president for four years! Did he behave as a dictator during those four years? We were thriving under Trump. We were energy independent. We were economically sound. I was better off, were you?

Barbra LaCorte


Movies are back! 

This summer, the beloved Greenport Theater once again offers screenings of movies. In the past, the theater has served as a venue for other exhibits. While any repurposing of a historic building is a good thing, the theater was originally built to display movies and has served that purpose for many years — a historic monumental building in Greenport that has created many memories. Due to Mattituck movie theater closing, Greenport is the only viable theater in the area. I hope they continue the tradition of screening movies.

Anthony Kuczynski