03/28/11 11:53am


We had one great meeting on Thursday, March 24. In one way we had a real education and in another way it was delicious.

First, we had a really great guest who was young, smart, funny and a thorough joy as she taught us about bees and honey. We learned from Laura Klahre of Southold, a beekeeper, never to look at a jar of honey again without finding out where it came from and what flowers the bees digested to give the honey its distinctive color. Honey is not just something delicious to eat, but also a remedy for many ills. So we had a delicious, delightful and delovely day.

Now, because we could afford it, at this meeting our recreation person, Paula Johnson, brought us as a special treat King Kullen’s great donuts. We all had at least two if we so desired; because of the early morning snow several members were missing, mainly those who woke up early, saw the heavy snow, figured the meeting would be canceled and went back to sleep. As most of us found out by 10 a.m., the sun came out.

Travel lady Eleanor Lingo is running a trip to Niagara Falls and environs May 23-27 and still has room for more. Her number is 765-3982.

We celebrated the 90th birthday of Ruth Covatti, who did not look her age. Happy birthday, Ruth — how do you do it?

Hang your flags up high and keep praying for our service people. See you soon.


03/08/11 1:05pm


The Feb. 24 meeting was a great deal of fun and food. It was our annual indoor-outdoor picnic, which caters to the gourmets in our group (everybody), whose idea of a spectacular meal consists of hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw and baked beans — all catered by IGA’s great deli department.

Our picnic day also was our Black History Month celebration, run by Eleanor Lingo. She brought to us the mother of Garfield Langhorn, a Riverhead boy killed in Vietnam. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery. The new Riverhead Post Office and the Pulaski Street School library are named after him, and his bust is outside Riverhead Town Hall. We gave Ms. Langhorn our serious and heartfelt attention when she spoke about her boy. As usual, Eleanor made this day very special for us.

Most of our meetings are interesting, but when Walter Suskevich got up to tell in his inimitable way about the fire that burned down his and wife Doris’ home in Peconic, it was special. On Dec. 10 they were awakened by their cats Leo and Lola, who scratched on the window. They got out safely, as did Leo and Lola, who will be getting the best food forever.

Elaine Nunninger, one of our members residing permanently at San Simeon, was taken a picnic lunch by true friends and members Grace Zukas and Isabel Trunce. It helped make Elaine feel part of our group again.
See you again on March 10. Fly your flag and keep praying for our guys and gals in uniform.


02/16/11 11:04am

Have we finally taken off our snow boots? Let’s hope so. This is the first column I’ve written since September; it was fun to finally get together on Feb. 10.

We have some good news. Marty Frey has volunteered to be the coffee maker. I hope he’ll do it forever because we all enjoy having coffee with our sandwiches. Although at our next meeting, on Feb. 24, when Eleanor Lingo has planned a guest for Black History Month, we will have our always scrumptious, luxurious “indoor-outdoor” picnic with — what else — hot dogs and the works, but no coffee. Bring whatever you want to drink, but remember, no alcohol.

We were so lucky to have Supervisor Scott Russell as our guest on Feb. 10. So, he is not Obama or Cuomo, but financially, our town is in good shape because of his judicious running of the government. He’s had the majority of town employees give back some of their financial “goodies” so that we could have a lower budget. There are so many without jobs and our heart bleeds for them.

We had some sadness. Diane Soccolick lost her son and we all feel her sorrow.

Doris and Walter Suskevich’s house burned down and they have been living in a mobile home, which I call their summer home in a resort community because their daughter came from Islip to spend a few days.

Helen Wynne fell and hurt her back and is in San Simeon.

Keep your flags flying high. Pray for the guys and gals fighting for us.

See you soon.