05/04/19 6:00am

With all due respect to Ms. Flatley, Ms. Efron and Ms. Peabody (and Mr. Werkmeister), I believe they make several statements that are either ill-informed or perhaps intentionally misleading (“Scenes from the U.S. border,” April 25). First, lest I be called a racist for my border-control opinions, I’d like to point out that El Paso was my hometown for 30 years, and that both my children are married to Mexican-Americans.

12/20/14 8:00am

Regarding editor Michael White’s “nephew effect” and its contribution to “white privilege,” I must not have the right uncles, since my white skin has had no beneficial effect when I’ve been ticketed for speeding or once nabbed for scalping tickets or once — most unfortunately — being arrested and charged with a felony. Mr. White uses subjective and anecdotal evidence to validate his own bias: that we whites are “unconscious” racists, oblivious to our “everyday white privilege.”  (more…)

07/27/14 10:00am

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I was sorry, but not surprised, to see The Suffolk Times parroting the leftist party line regarding its coverage of the “border children” arriving in Riverhead.

According to the newspaper, this sudden tidal wave of nearly 60,000 children is the result of the kids “fleeing their violence-plagued homelands in Central America.” Frankly, this is a logic-twisting, flat-out lie. The violence in their homelands has been horrible for decades.  (more…)