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07/06/18 6:00am

When Katie Hoeg committed to the University of North Carolina to play lacrosse, she embraced the challenge. At such a high-level program, Hoeg knew she would be joining a group where every player boasted a long résumé of accolades.

As a standout athlete at Mattituck High School, from which she graduated in 2016, Hoeg was an All-American who tallied more than 500 career points. READ

06/28/18 11:22am

Two days after the Democratic primary in the 1st Congressional District, election season appears to be in full swing.

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) and Democratic challenger Perry Gershon of East Hampton will be at competing events in Smithtown Thursday night as the race for the 1st Congressional District begins. READ

06/28/18 5:50am

When Duffy Drum awakes in the middle of the night he still feels as if his world is rocking. He’s back on the mainland at his cottage on Peconic Bay at Marratooka Point in Mattituck, but that floating feeling after more than a month at sea is hard to shake.

Aboard the 70-foot racing yacht Visit Seattle, Mr. Drum’s brief intervals of sleep were spent tucked in a bunk six feet off the floor.  READ

06/15/18 6:00am

As his family hurried about his South Dakota home, preparing for an afternoon graduation ceremony, David Christianson calmly passed the time by mowing the lawn.

His mother, Bev, of New Suffolk, handed a large framed photo to each of Mr. Christianson’s three children — Carl, 11, Oscar, 8, and Margaret, 5. The kids were singing and marching around the home and couldn’t wait to reveal the plan to their father. READ

05/31/18 6:00am

Race day began before sunrise, which suited Jean Mellano; she couldn’t sleep anyway. Dark clouds hovered over the North Fork and the whipping wind signaled less-than-ideal conditions ahead.

Ms. Mellano had been through the drill many times before, always at the side of her life partner, Steve Tarpinian, on the morning of a triathlon. Mr. Tarpinian, a swim coach and triathlete, was well known across the East End as the brainchild of local races including the Mighty Hamptons Triathlon and the Mighty North Fork Triathlon. READ