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Joe Werkmeister

07/27/19 6:00am

A compass affixed to a table below deck of the sailboat Ness points south as the steel-hulled boat gently rocks while docked at Mitchell Park Marina in Greenport. Phillip Sax, the lone crew member aboard the boat, positioned the compass at the ideal spot, next to the narrow bench that serves as his sleeping quarters. READ

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07/14/19 12:07pm

When he wasn’t mowing down batters on the mound during his high school career at Mattituck, Joe Tardif was tracking down balls in center field for the Tuckers. As his career progressed to SUNY/Cortland, where he’ll be playing his final season next spring as a senior, he played primarily in right field. READ

07/13/19 6:00am

Up a narrow staircase at the Stirling Historical Society Museum in Greenport Village, a painting greets visitors arriving on the second floor. It depicts a ship captain with a long white beard sitting on a small boat at the water’s edge with two grandchildren next to him. READ

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07/11/19 7:22am

The opportunity to play in a grand all-star tournament featuring some of the top underclassmen across the country would appear to be an ideal spot for a player to showcase their skills for college coaches. The Under Armour All-America Underclass Tournament features teams from regions that include all the hotbeds for lacrosse like Long Island, Baltimore and even California. (more…)