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08/19/19 7:00pm

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My name is Elaine Frederiksson. We’re here at the Drossos Miniature Golf and Snack Bar in beautiful Greenport. I’m the owner. My family’s had this business for 61 years. This is an area where I spent my summers and this was my camp. We love to share it with people. We have a business that’s multi-generational and people come here for lots of fun and laughs so it’s a happy, happy experience. READ

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08/16/19 4:00pm

The current house that may be demolished. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

The owners of an Orient home located in the hamlet’s historic district argued at a public hearing Tuesday that Southold Town’s Historic Preservation Commission did not adequately review its application for their proposed “teardown,” and maintained their position that the home has no historic value. READ

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08/13/19 6:00am

A petition signed by over 1,200 people — more than half of Fishers Island’s peak summer population — was presented to Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell last Wednesday, during the Town Board’s annual meeting on the island. The petition asked the board to follow through on promised sidewalk repairs and assist with a bicycle path extension.  READ

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08/07/19 6:00am

Members of the Mattituck-Laurel Civic Association are backing  a proposal to turn what they call the “last green corner” in Mattituck, where a hardware store has been proposed, into a village green by creating a park to preserve the densely wooded lot and open it to public use.  (more…)