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09/10/18 6:02am

A small crowd gathered at the construction site of the new North Fork United Methodist Church on the corner of Horton’s Lane and Route 48 in Southold early Thursday morning. The crowd, a dedicated group of parishioners, were there to witness history as the new steeple was affixed atop the church. (more…)

09/07/18 6:00am

Following the end of the polka Friday evening — a longstanding Greenport Band tradition where concertgoers in Mitchell Park drop donations in a beer barrel during the song — director Colin Van Tuyl was about to speak into the microphone to introduce the second half of the evening when he got cut off.

Fellow band member Ann Van Cleef grabbed the microphone and began to speak about Mr. Van Tuyl. READ

09/07/18 6:00am

According to Heather Miller, parents of an elementary or middle-school child should put their phones away every weeknight from 6-8 p.m. and devote those hours to their children.

Ms. Miller, a education professional, has written a guide instructing parents on how to make nighttime rituals more meaningful. The plan, divided into four 30-minute blocks, is detailed in her book “Prime Time Parenting: The Two-Hour-a-Day Secret to Raising Great Kids.” READ

08/28/18 6:00am

Keep looking up at towers and telephone poles and you will see more osprey than in years past as the population of young osprey on the North Fork has grown by about 50 percent over the last five years.

According to the Group for the East End, there were 198 active nests across the East End in 2014 and 301 active nests in 2018, resulting in a 47 percent increase of young produced over the five-year span. Additionally, The North Fork also has the densest population of breeding osprey, specifically in Southold Town.


08/25/18 6:04am

As children, wearing tutus and ballerina slippers, skip through the doors of Main Stage Dance Academy in Greenport next month to begin a new dance season, everything will look the same.

The blue sign on the white building will still be there. The wood floor beneath their feet will be the same one they’ve leaped across for years. 

But one major part of the business will be different — its owner. READ