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01/20/19 5:56am

The Southold Town Board discussed prices for rental permits during Tuesday’s work session.

A new law requires the owners of rental properties to obtain permits, adhere to property maintenance guidelines and allow bi-annual inspections of their rental units. Having a valid certificate of occupancy is a requirement for a rental permit. Violators of the law would face fines. READ

01/07/19 7:00pm

I’m Colleen McCaffery and I own Aura Yoga in Mattituck.

Aura Yoga was opened Oct. 1, 2017. Aura Yoga has yoga, it has a community, it has retail, it has a boutique, it has a salon so there’s a lot of different hats that I have. I think just waking up and knowing that this is where I get to come is my favorite part of the job. READ