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07/17/16 2:00pm

It goes without saying that anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer must contend with a seemingly inexhaustible number of challenges. Hampton Jitney and the Sag Harbor nonprofit Fighting Chance partnered last year to ease one of those challenges by arranging transportation for patients to meet with New York City oncology specialists.


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07/10/16 9:00am


During the summer, considerable emphasis is placed on ways to safeguard against tick bites. Less discussed but also important is how to avoid the omnipresent threat of poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac — three plants that all cause the same itchy, persistent skin rash.  READ

06/10/16 5:01pm

Tractor Day

At 6:40 a.m. Friday morning, Matthew Wells left his 1985 Chevy K10 truck at home, opting instead to drive his family’s John Deere tractor — which tops out at 13 miles per hour — to attend one of his final days at Mattituck High School.

“You have to leave early,” said the 18-year-old senior, who lives in Mattituck. “That’s the problem.”