04/18/14 2:00pm
Southold Town Justices Rudolph Bruer, left, and William Price at a swearing in ceremony.

Southold Town Justices Rudolph Bruer, left, and William Price at a swearing in ceremony.

An editorial published in the April 10 issue of The Suffolk Times, which seeks to hold people accountable for the recent revelations with bail accounts and the Southold Town Justice Court, fails to consider several facts. Primarily, it is simply impossible to include facts that are not yet known.

The district attorney is still investigating this issue and it is premature to hold any party accountable until all of the facts are known.  (more…)

10/08/12 10:00am

TIM KELLY PHOTO | Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell “clarifies” some points on a gasification plant proposal.

To the Editor: 

I would like to clarify the facts regarding a story that appeared in last week’s issue regarding the gasification plant proposal at our transfer station.

First, there is no plan to bring garbage in from other communities. The proposal was to charge Southold $50 a ton for garbage produced only in Southold Town, which is approximately 15,000 tons per year.

Second, people should remember that this proposal was just that — a proposal. This Town Board does not discourage discussion on issues and generally allows people who approach us to come to work sessions to be heard. Nobody should confuse that with support for this or any proposal that we have been presented with over the years.

Our ability to listen to a proposal, any proposal, then sort out the sales pitch from the facts is what allows us the opportunity to be open-minded without naively rushing willy-nilly into something that is ultimately not a good idea.

While the technology that is the focus of this discussion is, as I understand, part of the governor’s master plan for New York State, we recognize that there a many questions that need to be answered and many aspects of this proposal that need to be evaluated before we can conclude whether or not this is good for Southold Town.

To be sure, the idea of trucking our refuse off of Long Island is not economically or environmentally sustainable over the long term and we need to address that fact. The Town Board remains committed to finding a long-term solution to the issue. Whether or not this proposal can help us address the problem is something that we cannot answer without first taking a long and hard look at the specifics.

Scott Russell, Southold Town Supervisor

05/11/11 1:51pm

TIM KELLY PHOTO | Supervisor Scott Russell addresses the town GOP committee during its nominating convention last month.

In a letter to his fellow Town Board members, Supervisor Scott Russell said he will return to work Monday following a brief sabbatical.

The following is the letter in its entirety.

Dear Friends:

We want to thank everyone for such an outpouring of support during my recent sabbatical from Town Hall.  Special thanks to my staff and the members of the Town Board for their support and efforts during these past several days. I look forward to returning to the work I love and am excited about returning on Monday, May 16.

I would also like to express my gratitude and deep devotion to my wife Nuria and my children Lily and Carson. It is very important to me to clarify the misconceptions and reports that resulted from my absence. We want to assure everyone that our relationship is strong and that recent incidents were a result of my poor health. The fact is that for some time now I have allowed myself to become physically and mentally fatigued. The warning signs were there; my wife certainly noticed them. Despite her concerns I ignored the signs. I got progressively worse and that one day it was clear to my wife that I need medical attention so she called 911 for help.

I regret that I allowed my health to deteriorate to the point it did, however my wife and I look on this as a wake up call and a blessing. These past two weeks have allowed us to focus on each other and our family and has reminded us of the blessings we have.

So I return to work Monday stronger with a new sense of vigor and an equally important renewed sense of balance in all aspects of my life.