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03/22/19 6:01am

The daughter of Louise Pietrewicz, the Cutchogue woman who disappeared in 1966 and whose remains were found 51 years later, has filed a notice of claim against Southold Town and its police department, charging that officials “knowingly” concealed the circumstances of the death and “thoroughly” failed to investigate who was responsible.  READ

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03/20/19 5:08am
03/20/2019 5:08 AM

In September 2017, politicians and members of the media converged on the backyard of a Flanders resident who was the first recipient of a Suffolk County grant to replace an old failing cesspool with a new state-of-the-art system.

The county’s Septic Improvement Program awards grants of up to $11,000 to offset the expense of installing advanced new wastewater treatment systems to replace older cesspools and dramatically improve the quality of groundwater. READ

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03/20/19 4:59am

The Southold Town trustees have a new boat that will help keep the Peconic Bay clean.

Last Thursday, the 23-foot boat built in Rhode Island was delivered to the Cutchogue Harbor Marina, where the trustees were waiting for it on a chilly morning. The boat, which will be based at the marina, will be used as a “pumpout” facility for recreational boats in the bay that need their toilet holding tanks pumped out. READ

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03/18/19 5:00am
03/18/2019 5:00 AM

“This whole project has all the civic groups thinking about house size in Southold.”

That’s what Venetia Hands, longtime Orient resident and Orient Association member, said about the Tuthill Conservation Subdivision, a plan under review by the town Planning Board that, if approved, would allow 17 residential lots on a tract of land at 21505 Route 25 in Orient. READ

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03/17/19 6:00am
03/17/2019 6:00 AM

Town attorney Bill Duffy presented the Town Board with draft legislation Tuesday that would create a “recreational floating zone” intended to promote recreational uses in areas with a demonstrated need.

Under the proposal, the floating zone could be applied to parcels of at least three acres that have been identified as appropriate sites for major recreation facilities. READ