11/18/18 5:55am
11/18/2018 5:55 AM

Most sailors depend on radar for navigating the ocean. 

But David Berson, who has operated vessels on the East End for more than 25 years, uses what he calls “old school navigation” — or celestial navigation, the art of using a sextant to measure the angular height of a celestial object above the horizon — to travel the open seas.  READ

04/01/18 5:58am
04/01/2018 5:58 AM

About two hours into the March for Our Lives, I experienced multiple epiphanies. In no order of importance these were as follows: that there is a difference between a march and a rally, and what I was part of was actually a rally. I thought I was attending a march and had prepared to walk for miles, if necessary. I didn’t know that I was going to stand, with as little personal space as revelers in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, without the accompanying stimulants, for more than three and a half hours, listening to the heartfelt expressions of sorrow and hope, the voices of young people, amplified from a far-away stage. READ

09/10/17 5:42am
09/10/2017 5:42 AM

I wouldn’t call myself a tree hugger, though I once came close to getting arrested when attempting to block the Southold Town Highway Department from cutting down a neighbor’s maple — but that’s another story. Usually I am more moderate in my actions, though I am concerned about the well-being of the world I inhabit.