06/28/18 5:50am
06/28/2018 5:50 AM

When Duffy Drum awakes in the middle of the night he still feels as if his world is rocking. He’s back on the mainland at his cottage on Peconic Bay at Marratooka Point in Mattituck, but that floating feeling after more than a month at sea is hard to shake.

Aboard the 70-foot racing yacht Visit Seattle, Mr. Drum’s brief intervals of sleep were spent tucked in a bunk six feet off the floor.  READ

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03/24/18 6:00am
03/24/2018 6:00 AM

Life aboard the 70-foot racing yacht Visit Seattle is a constant grind. Crew members sleep in stretches of two and a half to three hours. Walking a few feet below deck when the boat heels can be a massive feat. Simply getting dressed can take 20 minutes of hard labor. (more…)