02/23/19 5:44am
02/23/2019 5:44 AM

At some point in recent days, a sign was posted on a pole in Riverhead’s Polish Town that reads: “Better dead than red.” Under the banner is the web address for the group behind the sign: PATRIOTFRONT.US.

Patriot Front, said to have been formed by a teenager named Thomas Rousseau, is an offshoot of a group called Vanguard America, whose members were active in the violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. READ

01/24/19 6:03am
01/24/2019 6:03 AM

On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut did what, at any other time in our recent history, would seem completely unbelievable. But we aren’t in any other time; we are in a time when the federal government is not just dysfunctional — in the way many families can be while still finding a way to move forward. It’s well past that now. The federal government is not functioning at all. READ

12/22/18 6:00am
12/22/2018 6:00 AM

As 2018 fades into memory, we want to thank our readers who closely follow our three newspapers and websites. We are grateful for your loyalty — and for your comments, whether you think we have missed the mark with a story or editorial or, for that matter, have done something right.

We encourage you to continue writing letters to the editor and offering guest columns on issues you care deeply about. Comments on our web stories are also welcome. Keep them coming! READ

12/08/18 5:55am
12/08/2018 5:55 AM

Professionals will one day write the history of the administration of President George H.W. Bush. They will scour official archives, speak with scores of people, examine policies, controversies, failures and successes, and then write substantial books that examine the record. Those accounts will no doubt look at the war to expel Iraq from Kuwait, Mr. Bush’s successful stewardship of the unification of Germany and the end of the Cold War as we all knew it then. READ