09/02/19 6:01am
09/02/2019 6:01 AM

A front-page article in last week’s Suffolk Times described a petition that spreads misinformation and insinuations about the recent listing of the East Marion Main Road Historic District on the State and National Registers of Historic Places and about the East Marion Community Association. READ

05/04/19 6:00am
05/04/2019 6:00 AM

With all due respect to Ms. Flatley, Ms. Efron and Ms. Peabody (and Mr. Werkmeister), I believe they make several statements that are either ill-informed or perhaps intentionally misleading (“Scenes from the U.S. border,” April 25). First, lest I be called a racist for my border-control opinions, I’d like to point out that El Paso was my hometown for 30 years, and that both my children are married to Mexican-Americans.

03/04/18 6:02am
03/04/2018 6:02 AM

I am writing, not to argue “who came first” to Southold and Southampton, as debated in your article “So, who was really here first?” (Feb. 22), but to challenge the new assumption about Cutchogue’s venerable Old House, a National Historic Landmark, made by Zach Studenroth, director of the Cutchogue-New Suffolk Historical Council, who was featured in the article. READ