08/28/18 6:00am
08/28/2018 6:00 AM

Keep looking up at towers and telephone poles and you will see more osprey than in years past as the population of young osprey on the North Fork has grown by about 50 percent over the last five years.

According to the Group for the East End, there were 198 active nests across the East End in 2014 and 301 active nests in 2018, resulting in a 47 percent increase of young produced over the five-year span. Additionally, The North Fork also has the densest population of breeding osprey, specifically in Southold Town.


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05/13/18 6:00am
05/13/2018 6:00 AM

Volunteer crews have been working by hand to clear new stretches of trail as part of the Bay to Sound Trails project, which aims to create a connected pathway between Peconic Bay and Long Island Sound. 

About half a dozen people worked with Group for the East End on the trail system Saturday, which was “I Love My Park Day.” READ

01/28/18 5:59am
01/28/2018 5:59 AM

As the ever-expanding use of gasoline-powered leaf blowers — with their attendant noise, dust, and substantial pollution — has become an increasing problem for communities all across the country, Greenport Village’s recent decision to shelve consideration of a local law restricting the use of such blowers might be seen as a significant step backward.  READ

01/12/18 12:00pm
01/12/2018 12:00 PM

Environmentalists who filed a lawsuit against two federal agencies in an attempt to block the prospective sale of Plum Island to the highest bidder celebrated a victory Thursday when a federal district court judge denied a motion to dismiss. (more…)

04/14/16 6:00am
04/14/2016 6:00 AM

North Fork volunteers

In December, Bill Toedter, a longtime environmental advocate and president of the North Fork Environmental Council, announced he would be stepping down from the position to move to Arizona.

But as of this month, Mr. Toedter is still in charge of the Mattituck organization.


07/14/15 1:36pm
07/14/2015 1:36 PM
Piping plovers, like this one, were at the center of a heated threat to one environmentalist. (Credit: Tom Reichart, file)

Piping plovers, like this one, were at the center of a heated threat to one environmentalist. (Credit: Tom Reichart, file)

How much does one Southold Town homeowner care about keeping fencing for endangered bird species’ nests off their beachfront property? Enough to threaten to kill an environmentalist to keep them away, according to an allegation made at Tuesday morning’s Southold Town Board meeting. (more…)