07/11/15 8:00pm
07/11/2015 8:00 PM

In reference to the proposed developments in Mattituck — both the Pawlowski and Reeves parcels — what is missing in the discussion is a public benefit that incorporates enhanced wastewater treatment. With small lots crowding creek shores, Mattituck is a priority area for wastewater treatment.

The proposed green space of the Pawlowski lot would better serve the community by treating the effluent of both the proposed development and nearby existing neighborhoods to a higher level, possibly using the treated water for subsurface irrigation. The environment would have a net benefit. The land could still have the appearance of open space through the use of natural and subsurface treatment systems, but the benefit would be real.

Glynis Berry of Orient

07/02/15 5:50am
07/02/2015 5:50 AM

It’s no secret a developer is looking to build on 21 acres he owns on the south side of Main Road just west of Sigsbee Road in Mattituck.

Under current zoning, he has the right to build about eight single-family homes on the property. Last fall, he proposed the construction of a 75-unit affordable rental housing complex but scratched those plans after the project failed to muster enough support at Southold Town Hall and from the community.

Now the developer is seeking a change of zone to develop about 3.5 acres of the property with a mix of retail and rental housing. Five individual structures would be built as part of the “campus-style” development, with five businesses operating there, he said. Twelve residential apartments would be built above retail shops. The apartments would be rented at the county’s affordable housing rate.

The remaining 17.5 acres would be donated to the town as open space, with the developer pledging to pay for the maintenance and also offering to construct an open-air pavilion on the town portion of the property.

While the proposal is sure to receive intense scrutiny in the coming months — as it already has from Southold Town, the newly formed Mattituck-Laurel Civic Association and local environmentalists — this newspaper believes it is the better of the two current options.

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