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There may be nothing Jordan Fonseca likes better in baseball than making a nice fielding play. The Greenport High School shortstop/pitcher has made his share of exceptional plays, too.

One that stands out in coach Mike Sage’s memory occurred earlier this season. This is how he described the play: Fonseca, playing shortstop, moved to his left to get the ball, went down and was flat on his back before somehow making the throw to first base. “The ball was a strike,” said Sage.

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05/08/17 9:39pm
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The pressure of elimination games can be wearing. That is something the Greenport High School baseball team knows only too well.

Now, these aren’t playoff elimination games we’re talking about. We’re talking about games involving the potential for being eliminated from playoff contention.

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The bus ride from the South Bronx to Mattituck was two hours long, but it might as well have been a world away.

It would be hard to find two more disparate places than the concrete jungle that is the Bronx and the rural open spaces of Mattituck. Pat Claire might understand that better than most people, given his connections to both locations.

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The Celebration begins! Mattituck Captured its first State Championship by defeating Livonia 4-1 in the NY State Class B Baseball Championship game at SUNY Broome on 6-13-15. Daniel De Mato

The Mattituck High School baseball team was conducting rundown drills during practice last week and coach Steve DeCaro wasn’t happy. He didn’t like what he was seeing and he let his players know it in no uncertain terms.

Earlier, the Tuckers had worked on cutoffs, and they later fielded ground balls.

Even state champions have to go back to basics during preseason practice.

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Sibling rivalry is defined in Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “competition between siblings, especially for the attention and approval of their parents.” The competition may be when one sibling keeps his room cleaner than the other, gets better grades in school, does things around the house without complaining and eats everything on his plate. READ

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Marcos Perivolaris of Mattituck was a first team all-state player last year as well as the League VIII most valuable player. (Credit: Garret Meade, file)

Marcos Perivolaris of Mattituck was a first team all-state player last year as well as the League VIII most valuable player. (Credit: Garret Meade, file)


End the season with a win.

Only one high school baseball team that makes it into the New York State Class B playoffs will be able to do that: the state champion.

That is what Mattituck is shooting for. It’s an ambitious goal, but the Tuckers aren’t shying away from it. They’re aiming to finish on top. (more…)