01/24/19 6:03am
01/24/2019 6:03 AM

On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut did what, at any other time in our recent history, would seem completely unbelievable. But we aren’t in any other time; we are in a time when the federal government is not just dysfunctional — in the way many families can be while still finding a way to move forward. It’s well past that now. The federal government is not functioning at all. READ

11/27/13 9:44am
11/27/2013 9:44 AM

Gusting winds and heavy rain have caused the Cross Sound Ferry to cancel some of its scheduled trips across the Long Island Sound Wednesday.

The 7:30 a.m. car ferry from New London and the 9:30 a.m. departure from Orient Point were cancelled, according to the website.

All Sea Jet services are also cancelled for the remainder of the day and there will be no casino connections due to the inclement weather, according to the ferry’s website.

For the latest updates on delays and cancellation check the Cross Sound Ferry website.