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The Cutchogue-New Suffolk Historical Council has secured funding for a number of improvements to the Old House in Cutchogue, including installing electricity and searching for evidence of 17th-century witchcraft practices.

The Old House will be getting electricity set up within the house, and in order to do so, wires must be installed underground. An archaeologist must be involved in order to protect the national historic landmark, and since the historical society will already be doing some digging, they thought this would be a great time to dig for witch-related items as well. READ

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How old is the Old House in Cutchogue?

This handsome home, which sits on the Village Green, has long been believed to be part of Budd and Horton family lore, dating back to the founding of Southold Town. READ

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The Old House in Cutchogue has been promoted for more than a decade as the oldest English-style house in New York State, but scientific research may soon shave nearly 50 years off its age, local historians said.

The building, said to have been constructed in 1649, might actually have been built in 1698, according to Zach Studenroth, director of the Cutchogue-New Suffolk Historical Council. He said the new date first came to light in 2006 during research conducted by the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory in Oxford, England, and that information is currently being verified.