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07/14/18 9:14pm
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The World’s Longest Sunfish Race Around Shelter Island, NY is an unpredictable event in an unpredictable sport.

A case in point was the 48th edition hosted Saturday by the Southold Yacht Club. The nautical marathon, a 25-mile counterclockwise circumnavigation of Shelter Island, featured one twist and turn after another, a number of lead changes and an eye-opening ending. At one stage, with a lead pack of eight boats within 150 yards of each other, it appeared as if there would be a sprint to the finish, but John Eckart would have none of it. READ

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03/24/18 6:00am
03/24/2018 6:00 AM

Life aboard the 70-foot racing yacht Visit Seattle is a constant grind. Crew members sleep in stretches of two and a half to three hours. Walking a few feet below deck when the boat heels can be a massive feat. Simply getting dressed can take 20 minutes of hard labor. (more…)

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COURTESY PHOTO Prospector, owned and operated by Shelter Island Yacht Club members, competing earlier this month in the waters off Sardinia, Italy during the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, which attracts sailors from all over the world.

Maritime history provides several examples of small places that punched above their nautical weight.

Venice, Genoa and Nantucket come to mind. Somehow, the skills and determination of those geographically small maritime powers allowed them to dominate vast oceans and control trade and industries. Their boats sailed far and wide in search of riches and glory. READ

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08/11/16 2:00pm
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Sailor John Condon 080916

Being a good reader is important in sports.


Just ask a quarterback who reads a defense or a batter who can read the seams on a baseball being pitched to him. But if you’re a sailor like John Condon, it’s a matter of reading the current and the wind.