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12/12/18 5:55am

Leah Leonard, ENL teacher at Southold Elementary School, stands in front of about 20 Spanish-speaking parents in the school cafeteria. Their children are seated at a separate table in the back of the room, scribbling wildly on Christmas-themed coloring pages and chatting with their peers in Spanish.

Fellow ENL teacher Christopher Ruggi pulls up a website, Raz-Kids, on the projector pointed behind Ms. Leonard. Speaking Spanish, she tells the audience in that it’s time to begin. READ

11/09/18 5:55am
11/09/2018 5:55 AM

In the center of the Southold Elementary School cafeteria, a Japanese woman teaches a student to wrap a rice ball in seaweed. Students jump along to the rhythm of maracas, a Latin percussion instrument. Parents munch on pizza and watch their kids color in pictures that recognize upcoming holidays from various cultures and religions.  READ

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08/02/16 6:00am


Seated around a picnic table in the garden at Southold Elementary School, six students stare at bugs they captured in clear containers earlier in the day, making notes about their observations and drawing images of the insects.  READ