Red fox spotted in Southold

11/30/2010 3:57 PM |


Tracy O’Lear snapped this photo of a red fox at Corey Creek in Southold Saturday.The red fox, the largest of all foxes, is found throughout the northern hemisphere and feeds on small rodents.

“I don’t know about you, but it  has been a long time since I have seen a fox,” said Ms. O’Lear’s husband Les Gazzola.



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  • I live in East Marion on the sound side in a community that has a good bit of open land.
    I have seen foxes on the land a few times in the last 8 years that we have been living here- mostly on weekends. I have also been interested in the fact that we see almost no squrrels on the property… all these years, and wonder if this is because of an animal hunting them? Does any one know why?

  • That we can share this world with other creatures is a blessing.

  • I’m guessing this … but squirrels don’t really inhabit wide open land. They need trees and a good canopy for nests and, to some extend, travel and food (nuts). That’s why they are very common in wooded residential areas. Plenty of trees yet clear ground that makes spotting goodies (and travel) easy..

  • We lost most foxes in Greenport when they built Peconic Landing- the incidence of rats and field mice in the neighborhoods went way up after that. So did the rabbits eating the plants in the garden. I miss the fox. 🙂

  • Beautiful photo! I’ll never forget the many red foxes we would see in Bayview while I was growing up…and in the spring, the mothers with babies, too, gingerly peering at us from the woods.

  • I’ve watched him pick a seafood dinner many times at low tide on the westerly side of Goose Creek, usually as the sun rises. He first showed up this past Spring. He’s fairly large, runs fast with his tail straight out, and will cross a street or two to get where he is going. I’m located less than a mile from Corey Creek as the crow flies, or fox trots!

  • We live in East Marion too and recently spotted a red fox in the field between Shipyard Lane and Gillette Drive. I also woke up one morning and saw two bucks banging antlers. It was pretty cool and we are lucky to live here.

  • Wow how beautiful! About 15 years ago these foxes were “so plentiful” and a “nuisance” that I was told they were shooting them at the golf club I belonged to in Bridgehampton…I would have thought it be against the law if they are so rare on eastern Long Island.

  • We saw him/her today running across Main Bayview near Custer.

  • I saw one also in Salt Late Village Mattituck Sat night 11/27