12/12/18 5:46am
12/12/2018 5:46 AM

Kara Jackson calls it “a Christmas miracle,” talking about the return of Duckie, her pet Muscovy duck, who left Southold about a month ago.

Ms. Jackson was in despair, thinking she’d never see Duckie again. “I felt completely awful,” she said. During the time Duckie had flown the coop, there were several major storms and she worried her duck was lost, out in the cold, unprotected and unfed. But she now says her prayers have been answered, with some help from the kindness of strangers and social media. READ

12/10/18 7:29am
12/10/2018 7:29 AM

This weekend we tagged along on the Oysterponds Historical Society’s Holiday House tour to check out two historic places in Orient.  READ

12/02/18 6:01am
12/02/2018 6:01 AM

Anne-Julia Audray adjusts a microphone on the Southold Opera House stage. She ducks behind a red velvet curtain to test the stage lights. 

Beams of colored light stream through the building’s stained-glass windows and land on the pews in the performance hall. In under a week, the seats will be full of opera singers, including amateurs and professionals, eager to take the stage to audition. READ

11/25/18 6:00am
11/25/2018 6:00 AM

“Whenever you talk about a bus shelter in Southold, there’s usually a round of laughter,” Southold Town Councilman Bill Ruland said while discussing the topic at a work session Tuesday.

The bid for bus shelters in Southold dates back more than five years and gained momentum in 2015, when a group of North Fork students ramped up their efforts as part of “Project Bus Stop.” READ

11/23/18 6:01am
11/23/2018 6:01 AM

Born in Greenport in 1945, Joe Townsend has compiled many stories about the North Fork during a life that has seen him become the village’s youngest mayor, a town councilman and a community leader in the areas of conservation and historic preservation.

Our digital content director, Grant Parpan, sat down with Mr. Townsend at his home in East Marion this September for an hour-long conversation about growing up here, how the community has changed over the decades and his battle in recent years with ALS.


Conversation is a twice monthly long-form interview with a wide range of individuals with connections to the North Fork. This week’s episode was sponsored by Peconic Bay Medical Center.

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