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  • Tim ,Julie what ever happened to factual written reporting, I understand this is the E.AGE , But most voters read.

  • We’ll have a complete story in Thursday’s paper. — Grant Parpan, Web Editor

  • Maybe people would at least like a summary, two hours of video on line is a bit much

  • It’s a 9 minute, 30 second video. A summary is posted here http://suffolktimes.timesreview.com/2011/03/9100/video-village-board-candidates-talk-issues-at-suffolk-times-debate/. The complete story will be posted Thursday, after we go to print. — Grant

  • Does Greenport pay for this political system or do I have to pay for it even though I live in Southold. Southold doesn’t have a mayor and why does Greenport need a Village Board. Sounds like wasteful and needless spending.

  • the people of the village will be taxed to death if they borrow anothjer 3,000,ooo I find the times reporting at best imcomplete, oh a question what candidate was caught with a building permit in southold , sounds like stones and glass


    Observing the dialogue amongst the contenders in this village election, it is painfully clear once again that William Swiskey does not function by the rules of civilized dialogue. His information is often inaccurate, for example as Mayor Nyce pointed out regarding village management that evening, but he forever turns a deaf ear to facts by repeating his personal deluded enlightenment.
    Mr. Swiskey is the quintessential bully as defined by Wikipedia:
    “Bullying is a form of abuse. It involves repeated acts over time attempting to create or enforce one person’s (or group’s) power over another person (or group), thus an “imbalance of power”.
    Mr. Swiskey with his loud interrupting voice never permits different views to be expressed. Repeatedly, as I have observed in countless Village Board meetings, Mr. Swiskey rapes the order of democracy with his shouting, interruptions and vaudeville behavior. His disturbances repeatedly drown anyone who may have the temerity to disagree.
    When he was a board member it was necessary to call the police to rescue order. Electing William Swiskey is inviting new mayhem, as he is a verbal anarchist who throws bombs into the village’s democratic process. Especially in these trying economic times, we cannot afford the luxury of his ongoing personal pandemonium that paralyzes the village’s democratic procedures eventually costing every taxpayer additional money.

  • William Swiskey Wishes to thank Mr. Edelson for the mother inlaw vote

  • Why do we need government in Greenport? You are trying to take more money out my pocket to justify a position that is not needed. You are Crooks!

    Sorry Mr. Swiskey, but you even lost “the mother-in-law vote” when you stooped to innuendo with the question “what candidate was caught with a building permit in southold, sounds like stones and glass”. The last person I know who tried this type of craven smear tactic was Sen. Joe McCarthy. If you feel this information is vital to the voters of Greenport, be a man and present the full evidence. Insinuation is the coward’s code. Well, what are you?