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08/19/19 7:00pm
08/19/2019 7:00 PM

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My name is Elaine Frederiksson. We’re here at the Drossos Miniature Golf and Snack Bar in beautiful Greenport. I’m the owner. My family’s had this business for 61 years. This is an area where I spent my summers and this was my camp. We love to share it with people. We have a business that’s multi-generational and people come here for lots of fun and laughs so it’s a happy, happy experience. READ

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08/16/19 6:00am
08/16/2019 6:00 AM

Lia Cappiello, 9, climbed onto a stationary Southold police motorcycle as a police officer supervised. She pushed a button and sounded a siren that echoed through Mitchell Park in Greenport Wednesday. READ

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07/29/19 7:00pm
07/29/2019 7:00 PM

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I’m Kevin Kelly. I’m on the staff of Hallock State Park Preserve here in Jamesport, NY. My role is really three parts. The first is to develop the park preserve itself. It is New York’s newest state park. The second is to promote public usage of the park and the third is to do outreach programs, which we do mostly here in the visitor’s center, but also in the preserve itself. READ

07/22/19 7:00pm
07/22/2019 7:00 PM

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Hi, my name is Rob Patchell. 

I’m in sales here at Cutchogue Hardware. I’ve been here for about eight and a half years now.

A typical day — it starts out, I come in in the morning, get all the merchandise out that we keep in the front of the store; we have bulk items like grills, rakes. READ