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08/16/15 9:34am
08/16/2015 9:34 AM

The Cutchogue New Suffolk Free Library held a gala Saturday night to celebrate 100 years of service to the community. 

All three floors of the building were transformed into an elegant candlelit space with displays highlighting the history of the library and its place in the community. READ

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08/05/15 5:00pm
08/05/2015 5:00 PM


The recent release of Harper Lee’s novel “Go Set a Watchman” has piqued the interest of library patrons across Suffolk County — where every copy of the book has been checked out and over 700 people are on waiting lists.


07/13/15 9:00am
07/13/2015 9:00 AM

Like Backstreet Boys, Slim Shady and the Terminator, 3-D printing is back.

If you missed last year’s 3-D printer demonstration at the Southold Free Library, you’re in luck: the technology is here for the rest of July. But this time, instead of being used didactically as part of a demonstration, the printer at Southold can make things its patrons want.