10/06/16 6:05am

At this point, Harun Ilgin joked, he’s gone by the nickname Billy longer than he has by his given name.

“Twenty-one years Harun, 31 years Billy,” the manager of Southold’s Wayside Market said recently with a laugh and good-natured shake of the head. “I guess it’s Billy more than Harun, right?”  READ

09/28/16 6:00am


Susan Dingle remembers the exact moment she decided she needed to change the path she was on.

It was 1981 and she was pursuing a screenwriting career in Hollywood. One day, while driving down a Los Angeles street, she decided to make a sudden U-turn. READ

09/09/16 6:00am


Bill Zuhoksi thought his life would change forever after his near-death experience in January 2009.

After all, the Mattituck resident was among the 155 survivors of U.S. Airways Flight 1549, better known as the “Miracle on the Hudson.” READ

09/06/16 12:00pm


Feeling a little overwhelmed these days? Whether it’s the constant bickering between Donald Trump supporters and naysayers, the controversy surrounding NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s defiant or ignorant decision to sit during the national anthem or the latest sexting scandal involving former congressman Anthony Weiner, the news cycle can be a bit depressing. READ

08/26/16 6:00am

Chet Ciaglo’s love of trucks began at a young age. The 44-year-old, who grew up in Southold, was born to a family of hot rod enthusiasts and his father owned a tractor-trailer business. Mr. Ciaglo said he has always been savvy and hands-on when it comes to mechanical work, so it only makes sense that he has gone on to make a living from it. READ