Another decade-changer is happening — this time to Anne Hopkins, who will do it up in her usual classy and proper manner this weekend. We all wish her a happy day and wishes for many, many more healthy years. Anne is another one of those folks whose ancestors all lived close to or beyond the century mark, so she still has a lot of good things in store for her.

One of Oysterponds’ own, Greenport High School senior Alexander Angelson, is helping to spearhead a Relay for Life fundraising raffle called “Skin the Skuggs.” The raffle winner gets to shave Principal Len Skuggevik’s head any way they want. Tickets are $1 each and if $1,000 is raised he’ll keep the haircut for classes on Monday. Alex’s cell is 631-833-6053 and the website for the very worthy event is

Mark your calendar for this event on Father’s Day weekend. OHS has gathered some wonderful treasures for an 11 a.m. auction on Saturday, June 19, including artwork by the famed Elizabeth Peyton and Richard Serra. There will be a preview Friday at 5 p.m and Saturday morning before the auction. Visit for more info.

The Oysterponds summer program is on the horizon. The four-week program will run weekdays, July 6-30, from 8:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. It’s open to all students K-6, whether they live in the district or not. The schedule includes enrichment, geography, reading and outdoor games. Students will learn about archaeology at OHS, visit the Orient ice cream parlor and have an afternoon at the Cole Bros. Circus. Certified Oysterponds teachers will supervise. Tuition is $250 for the first child in a family and $175 for each additional child. Scholarships will be available and students will be accepted for less than four weeks at pro-rated tuition. Call the school at 323-2410 or e-mail [email protected] for applications and info.

Village Lane’s Ted Webb is in the midst of an ongoing “small world.” Last fall a man named Toby Webb (a retired NYNEX attorney from Harrison, N.Y.) was doing some geneaology research and got in touch with Ted to share their mutual ancestry. It seems that both of them descend from Orange Webb through different branches of the family tree. In December, Toby popped into the Webb House gala and introduced himself to a very surprised Ted. Toby recently returned with another “cousin” who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, and who traveled down from Rhode Island to join in a tour of many Webbs who “reside” in cemeteries on the North Fork. They shared a sense of camaraderie and comfort — and the deal will be sealed as these relatives all take an over-the-counter DNA test to make it official. Stay tuned.

If you attended the Memorial Day parade I hope you noticed the flag flying over the WWI monument at the Yacht Club dock. That flag (among others) was sent to OCA by North Carolina’s Julie Macomber in honor of her parents, John and Helen Macomber. Thank you, Julie, and all others who have donated flags to keep our memorials fresh.

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