As a lover of summer, my son says I’m solely to blame for the heat wave that’s encompassed our area lately. So be it! You’ll all be remembering me and my love of the hot weather fondly in the midst of winter!

Baseball is the talk of the day in the Olszewski household. Seth Tramontana called to let the family know that his son Theodore won the championship in his league and the team was heading to Orlando for a playoff. Theodore will attend Albany State College on a baseball scholarship starting in August.

Then Terri and Teddy Kudlinski sent news that grandson Brenden is headed for Melbourne, Fla., since his team won the Little League divisional championship. Brenden’s dad, Mike Kudlinski, coaches this great team. To top it all off, Brenden’s younger brother, Timmy, received a trophy for the eight- and nine-year-olds. The whole family is proud of the boys.

The Friends of Floyd Memorial Library will sponsor an overstock sale at the Book Nook on the lower level on Monday, Aug. 2, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Gently used hardcover and paperback books will be half price. Proceeds will support library programs for children and adults.

I’m amazed at the traffic in Greenport on the weekends. It’s truly a rarity to easily find a parking spot anywhere in Greenport in the early evening on a Saturday. Isn’t it nice to know that more and more people are discovering this little piece of heaven we call home?

I’m giving all of you a little heads-up that the Village may be just a tad more crowded next weekend. The second weekend in August is always the weekend of the Bondarchuk and Heaney family reunions. As a member of the latter family, I can’t wait!

Special birthday wishes go out to Benjamin Doroski, who celebrates his 33rd birthday today, July 29.

Also celebrating this week are my cousins Kevin Heaney and Laura Heaney Pinter as well as Dr. Steve Chierchie on the 29th; Annemarie Czartosieski on the 30th; Payge Corazzini, Bill Gorga and Lisa McElroy on the 31st; another cousin, Maria Heaney O’Callaghan, on Aug. 1; Joyce Lakowitz Leary, Claudia Sieverman, Corinne Fitting, Ethel Quillin and Jack Sepenoski (who will turn 4) on the 2nd; and the Doucett girls, Alicia and her daughter, Ashley, on the 4th.