Summer is the time when you have an opportunity to run into people you seldom see throughout the year. This weekend at a yard sale I was happy to see Carolyn and Rich Menard, who were visiting their old hometown. They look great and are both doing well. Also at the yard sale was Helen Fox, who is a true testament to how good one looks when they retire. Later the same day, I got to spend time with Addie Feiler, who had just finished moving into an apartment in NYC. She was so excited to finally have a place to roost after changing locations about nine times this year. Happy housewarming, Addie!

Speaking of yard sales, students planning to travel to Argentina with Señorita Galvin say thank you to all who donated to and purchased items from last weekend’s yard sale at the high school. It was a huge success.

Character education has become an integral part of the Mattituck junior and senior high school experience. At the end of each year, 7th- and 8th-graders are chosen who exemplify 10 important character traits.

This year’s grade seven winners were Courtney Benediktsson and Lisa Angell, cooperation; Chris Sledjeski and Andrew Young, dependability; Alyssa Scartozzzi and Maisy Claudio, honesty; Andy Nemeth and Sydney Bradley, respect; Leah Santacroce and Madison Kent, responsibility; Rony Zavier and Ryan Zlatniski, kindness; Haley Unger and Geb Sierra, tolerance; Jamie Stonemetz and Greg Messenger, self-discipline; Amanda Hodun and Kevin Williams, loyalty; and Joe Cavanaugh and Abigail Graeb, integrity.

Eighth-grade winners were Jaclyn Imbriano and Lauren Waters, cooperation; Christine Bieber and Jake Nolan, dependability; Franky Sierra and Patrick Robbins, honesty; Tyler Reeve and Chris Hicks, respect: Helen Chen and Hallie Kujawski, integrity; Nicole Scartozzi and Joe Salice, responsibility: Casey Rugnetta and Adam Hicks, kindness; Quiong You, self-discipline; Keara Schur and Isabel Torgove, tolerance; and Emily Ciamaricone and Charles Hickox, loyalty. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office also recognizes two eighth-graders with the Triple C Award, for courage, character and commitment. This year’s winners were Eugene Allen and Rachel Conner. Congratulations one and all!

Happy anniversary wishes go out this week to Scott and Amy Mikelbank, who toast their years together on the 15th.

Belated birthday wishes to Cara and Niki Benedetto, who turned 18 on July 9.

Celebrating their special day this week are Adrienne Rehm on the 16th; Helen Coster, Maria Ulmet and Laura Kelly on the 18th; and Kyle Steel on the 20th.

A book discussion on Daniel Silva’s “The Unlikely Spy” has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 20, at 4 p.m. at Mattituck-Laurel Library. If you have not signed up for the Summer Adult Reading Club yet, drop by Bev Wowak’s desk sometime this week.

Belated anniversary wishes go to Bob and Claire Foos, who celebrated 61 years of wedded bliss earlier in the month.

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