Orient Congregational Church has been hosting a Lectio Divina Biblical Meditation prayer session every Wednesday from 9 to 10 a.m. in the sanctuary. This solemn time of meditation and reflection, facilitated by Ceil Sharman, will continue through August. It is an ecumenical effort and you may call Ceil at 323-8144 for more details.

Speaking of Sharmans, word slipped out a couple of weeks back that both Fred and son Chris will be doing that decade-changing thing, one in August and one in September. I’ll try to remember to find out which is which. (BTW, the decades are 30 years apart.) Did I mention that East Marioneer Linda Goldsmith did or will be doing the same decade change I did this month? And Linda, when you call to yell at me for this, please share details of your daughter’s wedding.

Save Saturday, Aug. 14, for a very special production of a Shakespeare classic, titled “Twelfth Night By Two,” in which all 12 characters will be played by Aleda Bliss (Latham family descendant and former Orient summer kid) and Rosa Palmieri. They have been invited to the Edinburgh Festival. More to follow.

Speaking of Lathams, Peg Strachan and Sally Madden are both bursting with pride that grandson Ian Strachan achieved dean’s list status for his first year at RPI. Congrats, kiddo. Ian’s great-grandfather was George Latham.

Speaking of George, a friend of mine who shall remain anonymous (hint: George) got pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. The tariff for that was $170. It’s a lot of money for an absent-minded action. So take note. He now gets in the car and has a little rhyme with ka-ching ka-ching repeated 170 times as he is latching his seatbelt.

There is still space available for the annual OHS Summer Benefit, which is always an elegant and stylish event. The date is Saturday, Aug. 7. Please call the the society at 323-2480 for more info.

I spent the weekend in Kennebunkport. No ex-president sightings or small worlds (including both ways on the ferry) but gas was $2.60 a gallon.

However, daughter Sarah had a fun small world recently. When she was up north a few weeks back, she ran into Bob Levy and his bride, Becky Vilardi, who are tucked into their home at the Point for the summer. Becky and Bob live in Vero and it took seconds for Sarah and Becky to discover that they were not only attending the same school in Florida but took the same class, with the same teacher, a semester apart. Small world is always entertaining.

If anyone sees a neon green car magnet with the words “Bless the Beach” on it, perhaps you might suggest they return it to my car where it belongs. These magnets are handmade and not sold anywhere locally.

It was heartbreaking to hear of yet another accident that took the life of a Greenport High School graduate and injured another. We all extend sympathy to the family of Naquawm Treadwell on their loss and pray that the dark clouds of tragedy will be lifted from our high school campus.

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