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Our Sept. 9 meeting, the first of the new year, was beset with a few problems. Who would make the coffee? Who would take over Paula Johnson’s job as recreation person and what would my program be?

I thought I would get Harold Schwerdt, Pat Guiney and Joe Kozel to sing. Harold had not arrived, Pat had cataract surgery the previous day and where were the Kozels? Well, Harold was singing at a funeral Mass, Pat was at the doctor and the Kozels came in late from the dentist. So we went back to grade school and told what we did during the summer. Many of us picnicked and played bocce. Marie Kozel was visited by family, including a 2-year-old great-grandson who came to visit from Florida. Also, granddaughter Heather became engaged and will be married soon.

President Ned Micelli, seasoned traveler, went to London not to see the green but to meet daughter Laura’s prospective in-laws, and he and Sue continued cruising up north to Copenhagen. Observation was that Scotland had hardly any trees and the trip was a virtual cocktail party. They had a great time.

Jack Hearn had major surgery that turned out fine, but thank goodness he did not pull a Lyndon Johnson and show everybody his scar.

Dolores Byroff told a sweet story about a brother coming back to his faith.

Marion Kruszeksi, Flo Ostroski and Norma Slavonik will happily take care of the luncheon for the next few months, and a voice rang out — that of Marty Frey — saying, “I’ll do the coffee.” All was well except that my right knee, which I had intended taking to my grave, will be replaced next week. I am outraged and scared silly.

We are all happy; our bingo prizes have come up to $17 or $18 and we all pray that our boys and girls overseas will come home soon and we will really cut as loose as a group of seniors can.