Southold-Peconic Seniors: Indoor-picnic set for Feb. 24 meeting

Have we finally taken off our snow boots? Let’s hope so. This is the first column I’ve written since September; it was fun to finally get together on Feb. 10.

We have some good news. Marty Frey has volunteered to be the coffee maker. I hope he’ll do it forever because we all enjoy having coffee with our sandwiches. Although at our next meeting, on Feb. 24, when Eleanor Lingo has planned a guest for Black History Month, we will have our always scrumptious, luxurious “indoor-outdoor” picnic with — what else — hot dogs and the works, but no coffee. Bring whatever you want to drink, but remember, no alcohol.

We were so lucky to have Supervisor Scott Russell as our guest on Feb. 10. So, he is not Obama or Cuomo, but financially, our town is in good shape because of his judicious running of the government. He’s had the majority of town employees give back some of their financial “goodies” so that we could have a lower budget. There are so many without jobs and our heart bleeds for them.

We had some sadness. Diane Soccolick lost her son and we all feel her sorrow.

Doris and Walter Suskevich’s house burned down and they have been living in a mobile home, which I call their summer home in a resort community because their daughter came from Islip to spend a few days.

Helen Wynne fell and hurt her back and is in San Simeon.

Keep your flags flying high. Pray for the guys and gals fighting for us.

See you soon.