More charges for upstate hunter involved in Mattituck altercation

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03/29/2011 9:36 PM |

COURTESY PHOTO | A photo of hunter Daniel Lamphere taken by a friend at Peconic Bay Medical Center’s emergency room shows injuries allegedly inflicted during an altercation in Mattituck in January.

The charges keep piling in the case of the hunter who claims he was beaten by a retired policeman in a Mattituck field in January.

On Monday, the state Department of Environmental Conservation accused the hunter, Daniel Lamphere of Rensselaer, N.Y., of fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon. The charge is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $1,000 and/or a year in jail.

He is to be arraigned on that charge on May 2.

As a convicted felon, Mr. Lamphere could not legally possess the single-shot shotgun he carried when hunting in Mattituck, said DEC spokesman Bill Fonda, who declined to list the felony convictions said to be on Mr. Lamphere’s record.

According to the state Division of Parole’s website, Mr. Lamphere was released on parole in Oct. 1994 after serving jail time for a felony conviction on attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance, fifth degree.

Mr. Lamphere was deer hunting in an open area south of the Farmveu neighborhood on Jan. 26 when he shot and killed “Bear,” a German shepherd he said was attacking him. He told Southold police the dog’s owner, former Suffolk County police officer Jon Ferris of Mattituck, wrestled his gun away and beat him about the head with the butt stock. Mr. Lamphere suffered a wound that required 12 staples to close.

Mr. Ferris was charged with one felony count of second-degree assault. His case was to be heard in Southold Justice Court on Friday, March 25, but was postponed to April 15.

He was recently ticketed by the DEC for allegedly feeding deer, a violation.

The DEC previously charged Mr. Lamphere with firing a weapon within 500 feet of an occupied house and hunting without the landowner’s permission.

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  • why is he being charged with criminal possession of a weapon if according to your story if Mr Lamphere was “a convicted felon, Mr. Lamphere could legally posses the single-shot shotgun he carried” doesnt make much sense to me or did u mean couldn’t legally carry the single-shot shotgun???

  • ARTICLE 26 of the Agriculture & Markets Law


    § 353-a. Aggravated cruelty to animals.
    1. A person is guilty of aggravated cruelty to animals when, with no justifiable purpose, he or she intentionally kills a companion animal. Aggravated cruelty to animals is a felony.

    § 371. Powers of peace officers. A constable or police officer must, and any agent or officer of any duly incorporated society for the prevention of cruelty to animals may issue an appearance ticket pursuant to section 150.20 of the criminal procedure law, summon or arrest, and bring before a court or magistrate having jurisdiction, any person offending against any of the provisions of article twenty-six of the agriculture and markets law.

    Why hasn’t Lamphere been charged with cruelty to animals?

  • High School news papers are better then the news review

  • Better you than me.

  • This guy should have stayed with the winery tour…

  • So what are the repercussions for the retired cop who beat the hell out of this guy and killed his dog? Does he just get to skate away?

  • Because he was claiming self defense or did u not see that in ur cloud of smoke?… Puff puff the magic dragon

  • I hope the retired cop goes to jail!!! Nobody deserves to get beat like that. I would have shot the dog too If it were attacking me!!! There is obviously no case for animal cruelty!!! Go hug a tree..

  • a plague on both there houses.

  • Self Defense is a defense, that is an issue for a judge or jury, not for police to decide.

  • I guess no one is proof reading

  • The dog owner / alleged batterer is being prosecuted.

    There is an obvious case for animal cruelty. The law does not provide for prosecutorial discretion by the police or district attorney.

    It appears to be another clear case of law enforcement officials scoffing at animal cruelty laws.

  • A police dog that is trained to attack people, and a man carrying a gun. Do you think the dog was coming up to say hi?

  • The dog owner / alleged batterer is being prosecuted.

  • Another fine Eastern Long Island “hospital”, let’s build new wings but our gowns are old and holey.What a joke.

  • Are you assuming that Bear was “A police dog that is trained to attack people”?

    The news reports don’t seem to have covered that yet.

    Since he was unleashed I assume that Bear was not aggressive.

  • Are you people serious?!?! You see nothing wrong with a convicted felon carrying a shotgun with a deer slug less than 500 feet from homes where people live and children play? I think the beating was well justified and I hope the judge makes a fine example out of him.

  • bear was never aggressive..always with kids ..sorry u all r totaly wrong why dont u ppl youtube bear singing….thats what its called u tell me if thats a attack dog

  • “As a convicted felon, Mr. Lamphere cannot legally posses the single-shot shotgun he carried when hunting in Mattituck, said DEC spokesman Bill Fonda.”

    looks to me like it says “cannot”

  • Just wondering if you read the story The retired cop is the owner of the Dog, he was out walking in the rear of his property where Mr Lamphere was illegally hunting ,illegally carrying a loaded shot gun and illegally discharged the weapon

  • This is just one of the felonies Mr Lamphere has

  • The original story said “can.” It has since been corrected to read “cannot.”

  • This Is also a link of what this guy was doing Just three days before Shooting this innocent animal

  • So this criminal from upstate comes down here to Mattituck to hunt deer and is right behind familes houses with an illegal gun ? Where was he staying?

  • here is a video of the dog that was MURDERED for no other reason then being out in this field behind the owners residence

  • Here is More of a question then a comment How in the world did a convicted felon decide to come to eastern long island to hunt ??? Where was he staying Who was he staying with?? Who gave him a gun to begin with ??? It states in the story he had no landowners permission hunt Did he just decide Oh this looks like a nice spot to go hunting?? Was it somebody in the Farmvue Community that invited a Convicted Felon with a Loaded gun to hunt the property That would seem very reckless to me

  • Word has it the dog was shot broadside. What kind of animal can “attack” sideways?