Letters to the editor: March 24, 2011

Didn’t need a study

As a former Tucker, I have a few comments on the Mattituck business corridor study by Nelson, Pope & Voorhis.

How and why did Southold Town Board order another study by the Melville based consultants? That company didn’t show up at the public information meeting, but often appears on behalf of developers. It seems to me hiring the consultants who represent developers to represent our government is a conflict of interest. Just like keeping a fox in a chicken coop.

Nelson, Pope & Voorhis also did the traffic study for the Cottages affordable housing development in Mattituck. In its report the engineers said, “It is our professional opinion that the traffic generated by the site does not create any significant adverse impacts to the adjacent roadway and will not create any adverse impacts in the future.” Why didn’t they report on the impacts of Factory Avenue traffic on pedestrians from the Cottages?

You don’t have to study the problems of Mattituck. Just try to drive out of the Mattituck Plaza onto Factory Avenue. Because of all the illegally parked huge trucks, you won’t be able to see what’s coming your way.

It is insulting to hear how in response to cries out from the Unity Baptist Church our Town Board keeps promising to do something. Why not start ticketing trucks parked in the no parking zone? That would light a fire under the managers of Waldbaum’s to correct the poorly functioning and dangerous loading dock.

The Mattituck study recommends permitting another building in the front of the parking lot to force the Plaza to get approval of a new site plan. The parking lot is already full. Another building will require more parking. It doesn’t sound like a solution to me.
Southold townspeople were out in force to say no to a 7-Eleven on the corner of Factory Avenue. Petitions and protests are cries out from the people of this town. Just start listening to and protect the people who live here. Our Town Board did nothing to stop corporate America from taking over our rural quality of life.

Once our local character is gone, no study of any kind will be able to replace it.

Nancy Sawastynowicz


This might just work

I would like to propose a possible solution to the problem of helicopter traffic over our otherwise peaceful hamlets.

Require each person who is flying to the East End via helicopter to give the street address of their East End residence or business. Their helicopter would then be required to hover over that address at a low altitude for one minute before landing at the airport.

Bev Christianson

In great company

I would like to thank the one resident (yes, I know who it was, and we will be having a long talk about it) who wrote in my name at the recent village election.

With that vote, I join a long list of famous alternative candidates. Names like Mr. D. Duck, Mr. M. Mouse and Mr. H. Simpson have long been some of the most famous and revered write-in candidates.

I am truly humbled to be included in such esteemed company.

John Saladino
Editor’s note: Don’t forget Charlie Sheen!

How preposterous!

We senior citizens who have worked hard all our lives are being slowly pushed off the cliff. If through the years they hadn’t stolen trillions from our Social Security, we would have no problem today – yes, I said trillions.

So that means people only getting $400 to $500 a month won’t get a COLA (cost-of-living adjustment) this year and maybe next and who knows. How can Congress even think of doing this to us? Besides giving us a lame excuse of no price increases. We help these other countries, but neglect our own people who made this great country what it is. Can you imagine how we are trying to survive? I think not.

Now the government is thinking of signing a treaty with Mexico to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits. Yes, I said illegals. I don’t believe how Congress can even think of this. They are here illegally and taking a job away from an American and we are going to reward them with Social Security benefits. Please!

Robert Stringham

Equal protection

In this country, constitutionally a child in its mother’s womb deserves all the lawful rights of equality. To life, liberty and to the pursuit of happiness.

Equality is under the natural law, God’s law, and all his children deserve protection.

Our unborn are his children also.

It is God’s will that we grant them the right to life.

And the truth will set us free.

Jack McGreevy

An assault on seniors

I am addressing this to anyone who has a trust fund to protect their assets. This applies to many senior citizens.

Last week, I had a few questions about my trust fund, so I went to see my lawyer. A number of years ago, I attended many seminars on elder law and opted for an irrevocable trust to protect my assets, mainly my home. After answering my questions, my lawyer informed me that Governor Cuomo has a proposal in his new budget terminating all trusts.

Why haven’t we seen this publicized? He is targeting all senior citizens and his proposals will impoverish the elderly. We worked very hard and struggled to put this money together to buy a home and to save money for our old age. We also would like to leave something to our children so they can have a better life. Is this fair of Governor Cuomo, to change this law?

I paid $4,000 to have my trust fund put together. I spent many sleepless nights wondering if I made the right decision. How can he do this to our senior citizens?

We’re already feeling discomfort from not getting our annual cost-of-living raise from Social Security for the last two years. Gas prices have risen, food prices have risen and, if you haven’t noticed, packaging has gotten smaller in our foods.

Please call or write your representative to defeat the state budget with this proposal in it. It will cause chaos among senior citizens.

Dora DiFrancesco

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