Candidates cast only two votes in Southold parks election

04/13/2011 12:24 AM |

As expected, Michael Hagerman and Sandra Kollen won in Southold Park District balloting on Monday. They ran unopposed and were the only people who showed up to vote. Each garnered two votes.

Mr. Hagerman was re-elected to a three-year term as a Southold Park District commissioner. He has held the post for 20 years.
Ms. Kollen was elected district secretary-treasurer, replacing Linda Bertani, who retired.

Balloting took place at the Wharf House at Founders Landing, where the only ballots were cast by the two candidates themselves, Ms. Kollen said.

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  • That it just sad. Park districts seem to be a somewhat antiquated additional layer of government.

  • yeah.. this is just weird. Were the people who live in the Park district even notified of when the “election” would be? Was it at a time when people could attend or some bogus time like 2pm when people who work during the day wouldn’t be able to make it. Perhaps people should be able to mail in a ballot instead- the ballot would have to be addressed to the household with only one vote per household or something like that. I am not casting criticism on either Hagerman’s or Kollen’s service, because I don’t live in the Park District so don’t have any first-hand knowledge of that. I just find the whole process somewhat strange…the elections in Mattituck Park District are a hot topic! Why doesn’t anybody care in Southold? Do they not care or do they just not know about it?