Three-car accident reported on Route 48 in Cutchogue

06/30/2011 11:33 AM |

Three people were hospitalized late Tuesday afternoon after a three-car accident at the intersection of Route 48 and Depot Lane in Cutchogue.

Southold Town Police said that Gerald Cruise, 85, of Southold was making a left turn onto Route 48 from Depot Lane when he failed to yield the right of way to an eastbound car driven by James Wysocki, 31, of Cutchogue. After the impact with Mr. Wysocki’s car, Mr. Cruise’s car then struck another car driven by Doreen Williamson, 56, of Ridge.

Cutchogue and Mattituck fire departments and rescue squads responded to the accident and took Mr. Cruise and his wife, Patricia, and Ms. Williamson to area hospitals for treatment, according to police. Mr. Wysocki was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Southold Police impounded all three vehicles for safety inspections.

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  • how about a road test for old fogies? Most of them can’t see nor drive

  • I am all for mandatory road tests at a certain age. Maybe 70?? Happens all the time to me when and old timer pulls out onto Rte 48 and I have to slam on my brakes. Depth perception is way off…… I won’t even go into driving under the speed limit and not yielding to people who actually need to be somewhere…