Southold may spend $2.5 million on roof repair

FILE PHOTO | Southold school officials are consdering floating a bond for roof repairs at the junior-senior high school.

The Southold Board of Education is considering a $2.5 million roofing project at the junior-senior high school building to stop leaks they believe could cause long-term damage to the building. The district has funding available in reserve accounts so the project would have no impact on taxes.

Since July, BBS Architects & Engineers of Patchogue has been conducting a study of the project and on Nov. 16, the organization outlined a three-pronged approach to the job:

• Priority one would be to spend $1.5 million replacing those sections of the roof where major leaks are occurring or where water is pooling beneath the roof and would eventually result in interior leaks.

• Priority two would be to spend $815,281 to replace slate on a section of roof that has already suffered damage.

• Priority three would be to make repairs to the chimney masonry and mortar joints and reconstruct the upper part of the chimney, replacing a damaged cap with a stainless steel cap at a cost of $182,543.

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