Peace Out: Music festival postponed due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’

The “Peacestock 2012” festival, originally scheduled for the weekend of June 2 at Rick Witt’s recording studio on Gull Pond Lane in Greenport, has been postponed, according to the event’s organizer, Keri-Anne Slate.

In a message to members of the concert’s Facebook group Thursday morning, she said the concert was postponed “due to several unforeseen circumstances,” including a partner’s medical condition and a delayed alcohol permit.

She said she’s trying to reschedule the concert for either the weekend of Aug. 11 or Aug. 18.

A smaller event with many of the bands that had been scheduled for Peacestock will still be held at Mr. Witt’s studio on June 2, as a kick-off for his campaign for the 1st Congressional District seat on the Libertarian line.

Ms. Slate said she would be sending ticket-holders an email offer to refund their tickets.

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