PHOTOS: Zombies invade warehouse in Southold

KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | Mike Check on the Southold set of his music video “Beastly.”

Mike Check, a rapper who lives in New York but grew up in Greenport, was busy Saturday shooting a video for his new song “Beastly” on the North Fork.

The production, which involved more than 30 cast members and complex sets, included scenes of zombies, vampires and townspeople chasing after a “beast.”

Scenes were shot at a location on Blue Horizon Bluffs road in Peconic and at Bruce Goldsmith’s warehouse near Founder’s Landing in Southold late Saturday night.

The scene in the warehouse was scheduled to be shot on the Greenport High School football field, but was relocated due to the rainy weather.

Mr. Check says he plans to approach video programming channels, including MTV, about airing the video, which he will use to expand his fan base.

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