Founding director of Long Island Science Center in Riverhead retires

BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY COURTESY PHOTO | Delia Gibbs, left, will retire as director of the Long Island Science Center, which she helped found.

Long Island Science Center founding director Delia Gibbs announced her retirement Friday after more than a decade of service at the Riverhead center.

“We thank Mrs. Gibbs for her dedicated vision and service and are very proud of the contributions she has made,” reads a statement from the center’s Board of Trustees said of her retirement. “She will surely be missed, but we wish her all the best in her retirement,”

Ms. Gibbs has designed over 40 interactive educational programs for preschool through high school students, held teacher workshops, and offered internships to students between middle school and college.

“We prepare children to lead locally and compete globally,” Ms. Gibbs said. “We teach children to investigate science, to learn to think out of the box, to make choices, to problem solve and to question the world around them and offer solutions. This creates a body of knowledge that they can apply anywhere and it also builds an inner confidence and boosts their self esteem.”

Ms. Gibbs, a believer in hands-on learning, led countless interactive lab stations at the center during her tenure as director.

“This style of inquiry learning develops analytical thought processes and better decision making,” she said.

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