Featured Letter: Saddened by the passing of Bill Lynch

LYNCH FAMILY COURTESY PHOTO | Civil rights activist Bill Lynch of Mattituck.
LYNCH FAMILY COURTESY PHOTO | Civil rights activist Bill Lynch of Mattituck.

To the Editor:

Having read about the death of Bill Lynch this week, I was reminded of my frequent encounters with Bill while his mother, Lily, was still alive. He and I met a number of years ago, when it was time to update the heating system in their home in Mattituck. Then we would talk from time to time when he would call me for service. Of course, as is my habit when meeting clients at their homes, I try to get to know them on a personal level. I was fascinated to learn from him of his work in the world of politics. And, being something of a political wonk myself, appreciated to hear that someone from such a small-town upbringing could end up being the deputy mayor in one of the largest cities in the world, and become so respected in the geopolitical world.

His experience was varied and extensive but his matter-of-fact way of relating his stories was truly refreshing. He was quick to smile and always left me feeling more like a friend than a business acquaintance.

While we were members of different political parties, Bill always emphasized the need to look past our differences, yes, both racially and politically, to find a common ground for which we could do better to serve our community.

He being 25 years my elder, and certainly a whole lot more politically experienced, I took his advice to heart. And I think approaching public service in this way, Bill’s way, has served me well. I feel honored to have known Bill Lynch and am saddened by his death.

Bob Ghosio Jr., Mattituck

Mr. Ghosio is a Southold Town Trustee and Republican candidate for Town Board.