Featured Letter: Paper’s deer coverage was ‘barbaric’

KATHARINE SCHROEDER FILE PHOTO |  A deer roaming the North Fork.

To the editor:

Last week’s coverage on the town’s population of white-tailed deer was violent, unscientific and barbaric. I love deer. They are beautiful. They were here before people. People cause way more problems than deer do.

The article’s description of killing a deer was very sad. Ticks are carried on mammals, mostly mice, not just deer. We are not going to kill all our mammals. The problem is the ticks, not the deer.

We know that we have to drive carefully. I drive all over the North Fork and the only place with excessive deer is the Bayview area in Southold.

The proposed sniper program will make it so that people cannot walk in and enjoy our preserved lands for several months. And with that many hunters in such a populated area, a person is bound to be shot.

People who do not like deer should move to the city. No deer there.

Heather Cusack, Cutchogue

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