Greenport Planning Board chair steps down

JENNIFER GUSTAVSON PHOTO | Greenport Planning Board chair Linnea Atkinson-Loveless (center) is stepping down from the position.

A little more than a year after first being appointed to the Greenport Planning Board, chairperson Linnea Atkinson-Loveless is resigning from the position.

Ms. Loveless, who joined the board in September 2012, said that she was vacating the position after making the decision to sell her home and move out of Greenport. She said the village was aware of her intentions when she was given the job.

“When they took me on last year I told them I could only serve for about a year because I am selling my home,” Ms. Loveless said.

Currently the village does not have a candidate in mind to fill the remaining four years of Ms. Loveless’ term, Village Administrator David Abatelli said in a phone interview Monday.

Planning Board members are now charged with appointing a new chairperson, Mr. Abatelli said. Traditionally the board member with the most years service becomes chairperson, however since all the members were appointed at the same time last year it is unclear who will become chair. Other members include Pat Mundus, Peter Jaquet, Devin McMahon, and Ben Burns.

“We’re always saddened to see people leave the board especially people that are hard working and passionate like Ms. Loveless,” Mr. Abatelli said.

The mayor is expected to make an appointment within the upcoming weeks, Mr. Abatelli said.