Editor Michael White appears on ‘Going Green’ show Friday


News-Review and Suffolk Times editor Michael White will be appearing Friday morning on the “Going Green” radio show hosted by Group for the East End president Bob DeLuca.

The show airs at 11 a.m. on WPPB (Peconic Public Broadcasting) at 88.3 FM and runs until noon.

Mr. White will be joined by fellow East End newspaper editors David Rattray, editor of the East Hampton Star, and Joe Shaw, executive director of the Press News Group, which publishes The Southampton Press eastern and western editions, and the East Hampton Press.

The journalists will take to the studio for an in-depth discussion on the region’s top environmental issues.

“From the controversial culling of deer, to the future of water quality, learn how the local media decides what issues matter and where the truth lies,” reads a press announcement from WPPB, “while we consider the impact these decisions have on community perceptions and attitudes about the future of our environment.”

Listeners are invited to join the conversation by posting questions on the WPPB Facebook page.

The show is produced by award-winning broadcaster Bonnie Grice.