Featured Letter: Enough with the wealth equality

Cash money

To the Editor:

I have read several letters on your Opinions page decrying the “inequality of income,” which is the popular political mantra of the day. 

And feel compelled to respond. First, there is an assumption associated with this thinking that the “money pie” is just so big and has to be divided more equitably. The money pie is infinite.

Anyone can make as much money as they care to, and it has nothing to do with keeping others from doing the same for that gain. Only government can stop you from that goal. Secondly, what kind of message does that send to the populace? That creating wealth is abhorrent, cruel, unjust? Utter nonsense!

As far as equality, I would to the way in which we credential students in this state. As a result of “social promotion,” everyone moves forward whether they work hard or not! When both a good student and a poor student apply for a job, they’ll both be high school graduates on paper.

There are business owners with only high school diplomas who I have personally known who have had the good fortune of owning houses in Westhampton Beach. They created their wealth selling bagels.

Should we begrudge them their hard work and sacrifice because now they have more wealth than their workers?

So now we talk about political donations, the Koch brothers are maligned because they contribute to the candidate of their choice and that is every American’s right. It is important to note that the “maligned “ Koch brothers were research scientists and engineers at MIT. They clearly did their homework, created wealth and have an opinion.

As far as the lopsided money for votes comments, take a good look at the Clinton political war chest.

Those are two people who created their wealth as politicians, as Barack Obama and his wife are doing. They were allowed to create their own “nonprofit” Organizing for Action, where anyone can donate. So that the idea that there is imbalance here is not born out in the facts!

Astrid Lehmann, Baiting Hollow