East Marion’s Star Cabins torn down

The World War II era Star Cabins in East Marion were demoed Friday morning. (Cyndi Murray photo)
The World War II era Star Cabins in East Marion were demoed Friday morning. (Cyndi Murray photo)

They say all good things must come to an end.

And for East Marion fixture Star Cabins, that day came yesterday.

After 46 years operating the 8-cabin rental property on Stars Road, the Likokas family watched on with bittersweet feelings as the World War II-era yellow cottages were torn to the ground.

Brother and sister George and Helen Likokas, who have been managing the property their parents bought in 1968 — along with their property management business in Brooklyn — said the summer rental business has become burdensome and it’s time for a “new era” for the family, leading them to demolish the cabins.

“A lot of work goes into maintaining the cabins,” Mr. Likokas said. “On the weekends, we liked to go on our boats and Jet Ski rather than working on the old rentals. It is bittersweet because they have a lot of memories.”

Since as early as they remembered, the Likokas family resided in the main house next to the rental properties and would help out the summer renters — getting groceries, fixing leaky pipes and as children, the brother and sister even played with the visitors their age and formed lifelong friendships.

“George was the best man in my wedding and those summers were what really made us want to buy our own house in East Marion,” said William Stratis, whose family stayed at the cabins each summer and formed a friendship with the Likokas family. “This was always a place where family and friends met. It was a place to build relationships.”

Helen and George said they struggled with the decision to tear down the cabins.

Four years ago, they originally tried to sell the property in hopes someone else would continue the business. However, the unsteady real estate market and downturn in the economy made it difficult to find a buyer, they said.

As a last resort, they said subdividing the land into three parcels and tearing down the vintage cottages was the best move for the family.

They still plan on occasionally staying in the main house on the property. They hope next to build and eventually sell a house on one parcel and leave the remaining one as open space for the time being.